International charity fund


How to help

Many people think that they will help when they become rich. But there is no such thing as too little help! Little things combined with great love bring great results.

Unfortunately, state aid is minimal. Funding that is provided to orphanages is barely enough for staff salaries and meals for children. They basically need everything. They lack basic hygiene products, clothing, toys – things that for us normal people seem to be part of natural everyday life. Children with disabilities require constant medical care, expensive treatment, surgery and regular rehabilitation. And all this requires considerable resources.

But help may be not only material.

You can also support by becoming a volunteer.

Can you help with information support? - Join our Facebook group and share information about the needs of children with friends and colleagues.

Do you have a lot of toys, children's books or board games? Give them to an orphanage!

Let's do good things together!
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