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Charity organization International Charity Foundation “Universum” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2015 in Ukraine by international leadership.


is to help disabled children from orphanages, from single-parent and low-income families and children affected by military operations in eastern Ukraine.
Our challenges – In Ukraine, there are hundreds of thousands of children with disabilities who live in a world locked by four walls, separated from ordinary life. Around them there are always people, but they still seem to be forgotten and abandoned.

All parents dream of a healthy, beautiful baby. Everyone is aware of the serious plight of children with disabilities, but hope that this matter will bypass their family.

If a child is born in Ukraine with severe developmental disabilities or acquires a serious disease during life, families experience great moral, psychological and financial difficulties. Many parents cannot afford to pay for expensive surgery, buy expensive drugs or food due to lack of funds.

Sometimes parents simply refuse to bring such children home from the hospital, and some over time give responsibility to an orphanage, then a boarding school, unable to cope with the challenges of caring for a sick child. These children live without parental love and family support, without ability to build confidence in the future.  Such children know great pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, in our country, related to military operations in the east, refugee children are being hurt by shelling and bombing, many of whom have also become disabled.  All that trouble experiencing a society experiencing and children. They were left without shelter, support and very in need of medical and psychological assistance.

These kids will never be completely healthy and carefree, but together we can make their lives healthier, kinder and brighter. Even with serious illnesses, they are children.

The purpose of International Charity Foundation “Universum” is to give a helping hand to those who really need it. Give a child joy – a newer, healthier and happier understanding and perception of life. Give a piece of warmth and tell all who doubt – take the first step, they need our help.


- Helping purchase medicines, wheelchairs, diapers, clothing- Organizing and overseeing surgical treatment and care

- Providing medical and psychological rehabilitation

- Making orphanage leisure time productive and educational


- Creating opportunities for volunteer charity work for all who have a desire to help those in need

- Connecting with government agencies and volunteers

- Engaging foreign organizations and individuals who share our goals

- Seeking the support of international and Ukrainian contacts and relationships

The world can and should be better. It all depends on us, on our desire to be kinder, more sensitive and charitable.

Богомолов Денис Bogomolov Denis
 Denis Bogomolov
Timur Davletbaev
Крейн Томас Джефферсон Thomas Jefferson Crane
Jeff Crane
Назаренко Олена Nazarenko Elena
Elena Nazarenko
Діксон Едвард Джон Dickson Edward John
Ed Dickson
Head of the Fund
Голова Фонду Назаренко Анна - Nazarenko head of a fund Anna
Anna Nazarenko
Fund assistans
Діма Заічко Dima Zaichko
Dima Zaichko
Лідія Колесецька  Lidiia Kolesetska
Lidia Kolesetska
Олександр Богомолов Alexander Bogomolov
Alexander Bogomolov
Юлія Сокур Julia Sokur
Julia Sokur
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